Herr Stephanitz

Our Kennel Herr Stephanitz is a registered affix with ROYAL CANINE SOCIETY OF SPAIN since December 22,1979 with number 1225, recognized by the FCI (Fédération Cynologique International, World canine Organization) with Nº 0115/79 and also we are member of the Royal Canine Society of Spain Nº 3794.

We breed labrador retriever, grup 8 dogs in national and international shows, en exposiciones nacionales e internacionales, hunting dogs(excluded from the “Animal Welfare Law”).

We believe that no one has an animal, a dog, a cat, etc. if the doesn’t love animal and tries to give them the best possible life. All the rest are deliquents from now and always …

We have the best bloodlines in the world: AMCH. Dikendall Davaron Gable, AMCH. Gateway’s Nothin But Trouble, BISS GDCH. Zinfndel Lengley’s Big Papi y World CH West Sib Story Aidaho, and others not mentioned, in the pedigrees of our dogs, wich not only means beauty, but also spectacular character.

Also in chocolate labradors we are not lagging behind wit bloodlines Rainriver, Loretta Labs, BLack & Chocolate, Mallorn’s

We try to bread the best labradors so that they are enjoy a healthy dog to many yaears.

We don’t bread genetically ill dog. Allways CLEAR in PRA, NHPK, CNMV, light eyes, long haired gene. We do X-Rays at the Vet to study hips and elbows dysplasia andobtain the Official SETOV certificate (Spanish Society of Veterniray Traumatology and Orthopedics) To be registered in the pedigree of the correspondient male or female

Visit to our facilities are not allowed for security and of course, to take care of health of ours dogs and puppis

Our Kennel Herr Stephanitz is afifx member Nº 1225 registered by the FCI (Fédération Cynologique International, Organización Canina Mundial) through The Royal Canine Society of Spain. Check here >

Herr Stephanitz

Attention & Care

Assisted Reproduction

The reproduction of our dogs is assisted by Fernando Mir, a reproduction veterinary specialist and with the only vet in Mallorca with freezing and storing sperm bank, a guardianship and custody service to owners of frozen semen, which allows: to conserve the genetic wealth of a specimen in order to reintroduce it into the breeding line after x generations, to bring in semen from foreign males and/or to guarantee the offspring of a specimen in the future.


We always use artificial insemination with semen from champion dogs for the best of breed. TTaking special care with the genetics of typical Labrador Retriever diseases (PRA -EIC -HNPK ) free of elbow and hip dysplasia.

Family Care

The care and socialisation of our puppies is carried out us a family They are fed with top-quality feed andand under exhaustive veterinary control


All our puppies are delivered with veterinary control, veterinarian passport of de U.E, microchip, vaccinations for their age and fully dewormed.

All our puppies have pedigree LOE under FCI

Herr Stephanitz

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